Car seat laws on holidays
You and your baby have a whole world to discover together. Whether you’re planning a road-trip in the USA or a city-break in Europe,

You and your baby have a whole world to discover together. Whether you’re planning a road-trip in the USA or a city-break in Europe, here are our top tips on car seat laws across the globe for safe and happy travel.

Car seat laws around the world

Many of us admit to being unclear on the laws about car seats in our own country. When it comes to travelling abroad, knowing what’s right and what’s not can be even more complicated. Child car seat laws and guidelines vary from country to country. In the United States, different states also have different rules. 

If you get it wrong, you could face fines that are sure to spoil the holiday mood. To be certain that the car seat you are using is legal, you should check the road safety rules for your destination.

Travelling with a car seat

If you’re hiring a car on holiday, you can book a car seat for your child at the same time. However, you may prefer to take your own car seat so you can be confident that it will offer the best level of safety for your child. 

Small babies can sit in their car seat on the plane if you have booked a seat for them, but it will need to have a label stating it is safe for use on aircraft. Most airlines will also let you check in a car seat in addition to your baggage allowance. Check with individual airlines to be certain. 

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Using an R44 car seat abroad

If you own a car seat with an ECE R44/04 mark, it is valid for use in over 100 countries, including countries in the EU and Argentina

Using an i-Size (ECE R129) car seat abroad

i-Size car seats meet an improved safety standard, which is valid in countries across the EU. 

Do car seat laws differ per European country?

Different countries have different rules, for example regarding at what age children can travel in the front seats. Some also have rules on using a car seat in a taxi. 

Note that wherever you are on holiday in the EU, your child must travel in a seat that is suitable for their size: ECE R44 and i-Size rules apply. In Spain, there is an additional requirement that all children under 135 cm tall must travel in the back seat of a car. 

Travelling with your Maxi-Cosi car seat

At Maxi-Cosi, your child’s safety is our number one goal. Our car seats meet or exceed European standards, which are among the strictest in the world. That means you can be confident when you travel with your baby and your Maxi-Cosi car seat.

Car seat laws on holidays

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