Top 5 Tips for Safe Family Road Trips
Are you gearing up for a family road trip this upcoming long weekend? For new parents, planning a road trip with a baby or

Are you gearing up for a family road trip this upcoming long weekend?

For new parents, planning a road trip with a baby or toddler can feel overwhelming. It’s easy to get caught up in concerns about safety, fussiness, and overall worry about how to manage your little one’s needs throughout the journey. The mere thought of it all might make you want to ditch your plans and stay home!

But, with a little bit of planning, you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable road trip for the entire family. That’s why Maxi-Cosi has put together a list of road trip must-haves to help you prepare and enjoy your adventure with peace of mind.

1. Safety Seats

Anyone who has road-tripped with a toddler will assure you that this is the fiddliest age!

They don’t nap as long as a baby and definitely want entertainment. Do you ever find that they don’t want to be strapped into their car seat?

The most important thing you need is the right car seat. This means looking at the right fit in terms of height, as well as weight as opposed to age. Length tells best if a child fits a seat well and when a parent should switch to the next car seat. Our previous blog on how to choose the best car seat may help!

2. Road Trip Playlist

Long road trips are often incredibly boring for young active minds. So, planning some road trip entertainment is always a good idea.

Something we recommend is our Maxi-Cosi Spotify playlist! Your little one will love listening to music they enjoy, and this is a great opportunity to bond with your toddlers as you enjoy some family sing-along time.

3. Toddlers sleeping in Cars

Now, long road trips probably mean that at some point, your little one is going to feel sleepy, but sometimes getting them to sleep is easier said than done, especially if your little one is used to a darkened room and lying flat for their naps. So, being prepared is about not only having the right toddler car seat but also making sure their surroundings are comfortable too.

Bring a cuddly toy for comfort, or you could try a soft, snuggly Sleep Buddy from Minikoioi which is a soft toy with a silicone pacifier attached to it. This will ensure that your toddler is as comfortable as possible!

4. Snacks, Snacks, and More Snacks!

Here is something to consider: your little one is probably going to be very tired throughout this road trip. The feeling of sitting in one spot, looking out the window, and the soft noise of a moving car is enough to make anyone sleepy.

And if you pair sleepiness with being ‘hangry’, you are looking at a very unpleasant experience.

Therefore, make sure you pack enough snacks for Africa! But also, ensure that you have packed a few of your little one’s favourite snacks because this can be an essential tool in talking down a tantrum.

5. Destination Fun

Now that you’ve made it through the road trip with a happy toddler, it’s time to actually enjoy the holiday!

With your Maxi-Cosi stroller, you can go on a long walk with your little one, allowing both of you to enjoy the fresh air and pretty views. And, while you enjoy some tanning time at the beach, your toddler can enjoy playing in the sand with all the fun toys you have packed.

Feeling snacky? Why not get together in the kitchen to bake something as a family!

See how travelling with the whole family does not have to be too stressful? As long as you hold safety as your top priority, plan, and rely on your dependable partner – Maxi-Cosi, family road trips can be easy-peasy!

Top 5 Tips for Safe Family Road Trips

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