Experience the Outdoors with Maxi Cosi: Benefits for You and Your Baby
Life can get overwhelming, especially when you are a mom trying to fit a million things into your daily schedule. You’re trying to clean

Life can get overwhelming, especially when you are a mom trying to fit a million things into your daily schedule.

You’re trying to clean up after your kiddies, whilst making sure that they are being fed a nutritious. You’re trying to have some alone time, but you keep hearing the phrase ‘Hey mom?’ every other minute. Sometimes, even the family pets decide to join in on the mayhem!

And, as we move into winter, you’re struggling to come up with mentally stimulating activities for the whole family. We understand how you’re feeling!

And here’s what we suggest: Enjoy some fresh air.

Ok, hear us out before you shut down this idea. There are numerous benefits that a walk holds, and not just for you, but for the whole family.

Here Are Our Top Reasons:

1. Better Sleep

Fresh air and natural light have been known to relax us as well as, regulate our circadian rhythms which means better nights of sleeping for every family member!

2. Mental Stimulation

Going for a walk allows your little one to be exposed to different sounds, sights, and scents which is excellent for mental stimulation. Not to mention that your fur baby may also enjoy this.

3. Physical Health

As parents and more specifically, new parents, it is easy to stop prioritising yourselves. But going on family walks is a simple and easy way to work in some exercise that is not overly taxing.

4. Motor Development

When pushing your baby in a stroller, they learn how to balance and coordinate their movements. This greatly helps in developing their motor skills.

5. Family Bonding Time

Going for walks is one of those rare activities that is perfect for the whole family! You can bond with your baby, give your toddler some much-needed outdoor time, and even let your doggie get some stimulation. What’s more, there are so many games you can play for those toddlers who need a little more engagement! You could sing songs, stop for a play at the playground, or go on a nature scavenger hunt using our printable template!

6. A Quick and Easy Activity

Our final reason why enjoying some urban adventures is a great activity for your whole family is that it does not require infinite planning. It is a quick and easy activity to go on, especially when you have our Leona Essential stroller, with its ultra-compact fold feature allowing it to easily fold and fit in your boot. You can also reverse the seat, allowing your baby to face you, or  to enjoy new, interesting scenes as they face the world. Alternatively, if you’re unsure of what you are looking for, then read our blog “Choosing The Right Stroller” to help you figure out what  would work best for your family.

Now that you are totally convinced about adding a daily walk to your routine, you’re probably wondering about good walking spots. To that we say, keep it simple! Explore your daily urban surroundings such as:

  • A walk around your neighbourhood
  • A walk to a nearby park
  • A stroll along the beachfront

The whole idea of going on these walks is for it to be easy so that it fits into your schedule with no hassles, while at the same time, providing your babies and toddlers with fun and mentally stimulating activities.

So, as you begin your urban exploring, remember that Maxi-Cosi is always here to help you hold your future.

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