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Why buy a parent facing stroller ?

When your baby’s eyes meet yours, there’s an emotional connection that is essential for your baby’s well-being. With a simple look, your baby is reassured that you are there for them and that they are safe. Eye-contact also helps other important development processes too, including language skills. With a parent-facing pushchair, you can share even more smiles with your baby when you run errands or take a walk in the park. 

Why choose a parent-facing pushchair?

You don’t have to choose a parent-facing pushchair, but many parents do. That’s because experts agree that from birth until your baby is around nine months old, making eye contact is important. 

  • It means your baby can see you and hear you better, which comforts them and helps them to relax.
  • Talking to your baby, even before they can actually respond, is crucial for their language development. Many parents find it easier to talk to their babies if they are looking at them.
  • Eye contact helps your baby’s cognitive development as they learn to connect faces to voices and make links between food and feeder.

As a parent, you’ll relax more too when you use a parent-facing pushchair. 

  • You can see your baby clearly and have peace of mind that they are okay.
  • You can see if the blanket has slipped and make sure they stay warm. If your baby looks hot, you can adjust clothing or their sun canopy.
  • You can respond quickly to their needs, for example, you might spot that it’s time to change a nappy.
  • For many of us, there’s nothing better than when your baby smiles. With a parent-facing pushchair, you can share more of these happy moments.

Remember: Your face is a strong stimulus for your baby and sometimes they may need a rest from it. If your baby turns their head away or looks somewhere else, it does not mean they are not interested in you. It just means they need a little break to process all the new information they are learning. 

When will I know it is time to switch from a parent-facing to a street-facing pushchair?

As your child grows older, their interest in what is around them will increase. Switching to a street-facing pushchair makes it easier for them to discover the world, helping this next important stage of development. Some parents choose to gradually switch from a parent-facing to a forward-facing pushchair.

This doesn’t mean you have to buy a different pushchair. If you have a reversible pushchair you can easily switch between directions to help your child to gradually get used to it.

Remember: New-born babies should travel in the lie-flat position for optimum health, a matching carrycot can be used for this. You’ll know that your baby is ready to sit up in their pushchair when they can sit up with little or no support. 

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