Why is it important for babies and children to travel rearward-facing?

Children travelling forward-facing can be thrown forwards in a head-on collision. This puts stress on the head and neck, which can lead to serious injury. If your child is travelling rearward-facing, the car seat spreads the forces across the whole back, protecting the delicate head and neck. As 70% of accidents are frontal collisions, it’s safest for children to travel rearward-facing until their muscles and bones have properly developed.
Maxi Cosi

Maxi-Cosi’s history of rotating car seats

Maxi-Cosi has a reputation for finding solutions to help parents every day. From our first groundbreaking rearward-facing car seat launched in 1984, we’ve innovated our range to make every journey easier. In 2007 Axiss was the first rotating car seat, with a 90-degree turn. In 2014, AxissFix brought you 360-degree rotation. Now the 360-degree Mica i-Size car seat offers flexible, safe travel until your child is four years old.

How is the Mica more convenient for parents?

Mica’s flexible 360-degree rotation means it has never been easier to get ready to go.

Maxi Cosi
Maxi Cosi

Combining convenience with safety and sustainability

Safety is always our number one goal, and impact-absorbing G-Cell technology in the Mica ensures heightened protection in side-on collisions. We also want you to enjoy using our car seats for longer. A cocooning newborn inlay means you can use Mica from your first drive home from the hospital. And as Mica fits your child up to four years old, you’ll look forward to many adventures in the car together.
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