Accident Exchange Service
Helping you after an accident

We value and support our customers, and we understand that having a car accident and dealing with its aftermath can be incredibly stressful. That’s why we came up with our Car Seat Swap Service. If your child car seat has been in an accident, you can’t be sure that it’s still safe. Even if you can’t see any damage, it may not function properly. 

We can take the Maxi-Cosi car seat that has been in the accident and replace it with a brand new one. So you can be confident that your child is safe – and we can get valuable information about how our car seats perform in collisions. 

In some circumstance we can replace your car seats for Free with an identical or similar product through our SWAP Service.  The accident needs to be reported within 4 weeks of it taking place and the circumstances need to meet the conditions below. 

Collisions involving only your own car:

  • At more than 50km/h      
  • When the child was in the car seat or when the car seats is visibly damaged because it was hit in the accident. 

Collisions with another vehicle:

  • At more than 30km/h
  • When the child was in the car seat or when the car seat is visibly damaged because it was hit in the accident.

To apply for a replacement seat through the SWAP service, please can you scan and send us the following by replying to this email: 

  • The completed damage form attached to this email
  • The Police report
  • Pictures of the incident.
  • A Picture of the orange/white ECE sticker from the back of the seat.

If you are eligible for the service, you would need to send us the car seats and base so please don’t throw them away. 

We’ll need to receive your application within 4 weeks of the accident to offer you a replacement car seat and base free of charge. 

Please download, complete and email to


Accident Exchange Service

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